Dr. Francesco Fenga, Ph.D.

I graduated in Food Science and Technology from the University of Milan in 1984 with a thesis on microbiology of sausages.

I started my career in Knorr as Head of Development of  "dry" products as: the Seasoning "Aromat" for the retail market and the vegetable cream, and the Caterplan brand, for the Ho.Re.Ca. market.


In 1986 I started my collaboration with Pavesi. In this period I developed the first flavored crackers for the Italian Market: "Rosamarino" (Rosemary) and "Mediterraneo" (Mediterrean).

I contributed to the revival of the snack "Togo", completely changing the recipe and the tecnology of production. After that I worked and developed "Togo ai cereali ricoperto di cioccolato fondente" (Cereal Togo covered with dark chocolate).

Subsequently the Company gave me the goal to revise Pavesi's crackers. So I changed some elements in the recipe and many tecnological factors, this operation has greatly increased sales.

In this period I also made secondary changes to the recipe of "Ringo" and "Pavesini" with advantages of cost and quality.
For 18 month I also worked in Quality Control and in the management of tecnological problems for the entire Factory.

In 1996 I became Technological Development Manager in Barilla, with the task to develop and improve all crackers of the Company's Group (Pavesi, Mulino Bianco, Essere e Motta); I applied substantial changes especially to those of Mulino Bianco.

In 1998, always in Barilla, I became Technological Innovation Manager, with the responsability for the development of new tecnological platforms. In this role I managed to get financing of 3,5 millions of euro from MIUR (Minestry of Instruction, Universities and Research). for the  TIPDAF's project.

In the same year, I have became counselor of the Corial (Center R&D of Barilla in Foggia) and I started 8 projects for new cooking systems, molding and food preservation.

In 2002 I became a part of a group of strategic innovation, “Innovation Team”, of Barilla, created with Strategos (Gary Hamel's company, guru of marketing and architect of the success of Nokia). In this team I managed the world's market trend of food that would have influenced the Market for 20 years. In that period, I interviewed the most important experts of food intolerance. This experience influenced my career, leading me to a different professional choice, oriented more to evolved and balanced nutrition.


In 2003 I laid the foundation of that what followed to become the "Fenga Food Innovation", acting as adviser for smaller and dynamic Companies . In this way I had occasion to deepen many aspects: technology, ingredients for suitable products, New Lifestyles. I attended all food fair businesses in Italy and abroad, to complete my network of Technical and Personal Skills, that would allow me Future Development.

Presently, I collaborate with Polin Group on some projects for setting up food Companies in Europe and Asia. I also collaborate with Pioneer Food in South Africa as coordinator of tecnological training of factory's personnel.

In 2009 I started a strong collaboration with Palmisano (leader in tipical venetian biscuits), doubling the turnover, thanks to 18 new concept products and new brands: Alevo and Senza Pensieri.

Now, I'm working in a network of Companies to develop and to bring to market over 20 new products in about 3 years: biscuits, fresh pasta, snacks, bread sticks, semifreddi and others.

I spend much time in personal formation, reading books and attending NLP's courses, marketing and social marketing, negotiation, linguistic intelligence, neuro-semantics, spiral dynamics and many others.


I'm also working on long-term projects such as: application of 3D printer, application of ultrasounds and sctructural changes of water.
Much of my time off from work is dedicated to the service as an educator of AGESCI (Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani - Association Catholic Italian Guides and Scout), in Scout Group "Val d'Enza 1", that was opened by me and my wife , in the parish to which I belong.